uproot and plant

After years of rejection, God will bring punishment to the nation of Judah.  A young Jeremiah is chosen to become God’s voice to the people, sharing unpopular messages of warning and calls to repentance.  In order to demonstrate what God will do, his most commonly used words are Uproot and Plant.  Join us as we discover the height of God’s love through the words of the weeping prophet.



Jeremiah delivers a strong message about the distinction between those who are fruitful and productive and those who are not.  We learn that everyone puts their trust in something.  Join us as we discover that the location of your trust determines everything.

Part 2: Seek the welfare of the city

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After significant warning about the impending exile to Babylon, Jeremiah delivers one of the most unexpected messages in his book.  The Israelites will find themselves uprooted and planted in the middle of an ungodly city.  Join us as we consider this very surprising advice on what they should do next.

part 3: take up your tambourines again

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Even with the prospect of judgment and exile in front of the Israelites, Jeremiah casts a vision of future hope.  The Lord gives Him a message of future prosperity, peace, joy and dancing for the people of God.  In the same way, God offers us a pathway to peace and joy that overcomes sin and shame.  Join us as we share in the good news of the new covenant.

Part 4: an unhappy ending

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The book of Jeremiah ends with the most devastating event recorded in the Old Testament – the fiery, bloody, tragic, and violent destruction of Jerusalem.  Jeremiah was devastated. He wrote about his struggle in the book of Lamentations.  Join us as we seek to find meaning in the midst of despair.