The Holy Spirit

We believe in one God who is three persons - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Many of us have a lot of questions about the third person of the Trinity: the Holy Spirit:  

  • How does one actually receive the Holy Spirit?

  • How do I get more of the Holy Spirit?

  • How does He work in my life?

  • What about tongues and prophecy?

Join us as we discuss the person and work of the Spirit in our lives.


What must happen in someone’s life for him or her to get “saved?”  Jesus said one must be “born again.”  In this sermon, we will examine the role of the Holy Spirit in this “born again” experience. 


In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit came upon certain people – usually prophets, priests, and kings.  Jesus came to make the Holy Spirit available to everyone.  Let’s learn how to live a Spirit-led life together.


Certain places in the Bible can be very difficult to interpret and understand.  Who better to bring clarity than the author of the book?  Jesus promised that He would send the Spirit to guide us into all truth.  Join us as we consider how the Holy Spirit illuminates the truth of scripture in our hearts and minds.

Part 4:  Constant Reminder

Our identity is an extremely important aspect of faith and worldview.  Our tendency is to bind “who we are” to certain personal characteristics or skills.  But what happens when those things fall down around you?  Join us as we discuss the constant reminder that the Holy Spirit keeps sharing with our hearts.

Part 5:  You are Gifted!

When you are converted to Christ and receive the Holy Spirit, you also receive a spiritual gift.  Let’s examine the various gifts and discern where God has specifically gifted us.

Part 6:  What About Tongues?

Is the gift of tongues still in operation or were they only relevant for the early church?  And if they are for the contemporary church, what should we do about it?  Join us as we seek to understand more about the gift of tongues as Paul addressed them in 1 Corinthians 14. 

Part 7:  What About Prophecy?

We know God used prophets in the Old and New Testaments, but what about today?  Is modern day prophecy legitimate, and if so, how should we treat it?  Join us as we seek to understand this mysterious spiritual gift.