When we’re pushed to our limit, we have a choice to make. Will we choose the path of least resistance or will we have the courage to take a Stand?  In this sermon series, learn about Daniel and his three friends who courageously took a stand for God.  Let's be inspired by their faith to stand for God even in the midst of fear!

Part 1: Stand out

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Daniel and his three friends were willing to stand out when it would have been easier, and, perhaps understandable, to blend in.  What enabled them to stand out in their hostile environment?  Pastor Dave explains.    

part 2: stand firm

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Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego defied the king's command to worship an idol.  God defended their predetermined decision to stand firm rather than blend in.  In this sermon Pastor Dave teaches on the power of predeciding before the pressure arrives.

part 3: stand strong

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We all want to be like Daniel who stood strong when facing a great fear. Pastor Dave breaks down the factors that enabled Daniel to display such great strength while standing in a den full of roaring lions.   

Part 4: stand in the word

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The people of Israel had begun to return to Jerusalem after their long exile in Babylon.  The temple and walls of the city were now rebuilt.  In this moment, Ezra and Nehemiah knew that the people of God needed to rebuild their hearts.  Join us as we discuss the importance of standing in the truth of God's Word.