Part 1: It All Comes Down to This…

apply it

Did Jesus really pair down all the commandments into one?  If so, why do we make it so complicated?  The reason is simple:  Because we don’t like this one commandment.  In this sermon, Pastor Dave will challenge us to practice this one simple, yet demanding truth.

Part 2: Removing Obstacles 

apply it

While the early church was flourishing, there was conflict regarding how the Gentiles should practice their faith.  Are they required to practice the law of Moses or not?  James made a statement that is hugely important for us today as we seek to reach those who are far from God.  Pastor Dave explains the relevance of this statement in part 2 of “Simplify.”

Part 3: The Heart of Worship

The Old Testament presented a very complex system of offerings, feasts, sacrifices, and prayers through which people worshiped God.  How are we meant to worship God today?  Are there certain requirements?  Is it primarily through music?  Join us as we discuss what it means to worship God in spirit and truth.

Part 4: Remember the Sabbath

“The Sabbath Laws” were some of the most complex and detailed practices in the entire Bible.  Nothing frustrated Jesus’ opponents more than His treatment and teaching of the Sabbath.  What does it mean for us to practice Sabbath today?  Join us as we discuss this question and the rest that God intended for our good.