Part 1: God Talk

Deuteronomy 6 speaks of the importance of impressing upon your children godly values.  In this sermon, Pastor Dave, along with special guests Tom and Faith Howe, shares tips on how to implement spiritual truths in everyday conversations with your children.

Part 2: Time, Touch, Talk

When the people brought the little children to Jesus, he spent time with them, he touched them, and he blessed them.  In this sermon, Pastor Dave, along with special guest Sarah Gehman, gives us tips on how to implement these three important actions with our children.

Part 3: Discipline

One of the greatest struggles in parenting is the issue of discipline.  In this teaching, Pastor Dave and Karen Sweeney talk about discipline for the purpose of discipleship.

Part 4: Prodigal Sons and Daughters

There are few things more painful than seeing your children walk away from the faith.  In this sermon, Pastor Dave encourages us to never give up on the prodigals.