A vision is a clear mental picture of a preferred destination.  Everyone has accomplished a vision of some sort:  painting a room, losing weight, receiving a diploma, or starting a business.  But how often do we think about a God-ordained vision for our life.  Let’s spend a few weeks owning the vision that God has for us.   



Is there something that burdens you?  Is there a change in your life that you long to make but you lack the discipline or the guts to make it a serious priority?  Every vision starts with a one-line statement. 

part 2: pray & plan


Any vision worth pursuing will require sacrifice on your part and intervention on God’s part.  Are you willing to make sacrifices and will you put your trust in God?  If the answer is “yes,” write down your plan. 

part 3: pray & persevere!


There will be days when you are tempted to abandon the vision.  Expect obstacles and exhaustion.  But don’t forfeit the rewards that come from fighting for your God-ordained vision and seeing it come to pass.  Don’t give up!

part 4: Give thanks


When we begin to see our vision come to fruition, we will feel a sense of satisfaction.  This is normal and good; however, the true purpose of a God-inspired vision is to put on display the greatness of God for others to see.  Let us remember to thank God for our success.    

part 5: a vision for your neighborhood


Jesus has given all of us the mission to love our neighbors.  How do you feel about your neighbors?  Do you have a heart for them to know Jesus?  Let’s write out a plan to reach your neighborhood for Christ?   

part 6: own your church

While the people of our church have been working on their own God-inspired visions, the elders and Pastor Dave have been meeting to clarify God’s vision for our local church.  We hope you will partner with us to own the vision God has given us.