No Compromise

Most Christians want to remain faithful to God no matter the situation.  Trusting in God’s goodness is easy when life is good.  However, when life throws us a curve ball, compromise sure is tempting!  Join us as we inspire one another to remain faithful without compromise!

part 1: The easy way out

apply it!

King Jeroboam was a sly politician.  Even though God specifically commanded the Israelites to travel to Jerusalem for the religious feasts, Jeroboam came up with a different idea.  He didn’t outlaw worship of Yahweh, he simply compromised it.  Join us as we unpack the reasons we compromise and the dangers associated with it. 

part 2: looking for god to baal me out

apply it!

Sometimes, due to compromise, we end up in some sticky situations.  This was the case for Joram as he needed God to bail him out of a pickle, even though he was worshiping Baal.  How often do we make poor choices and then ask God to bail us out?  How should God respond when we do this?  Join us to find out. 

part 3: jenga

King Solomon seemed to be enjoying a perfect life: wisdom, wealth, power, peace, and a relationship with the Lord.  While at the very highest peak of his influence, he began to make some compromises in his life that brought about future calamity.  Join us as we discuss how small lifestyle compromises can bring “the whole kingdom” crashing down.

part 4: When the counsel is compromised

King Rehoboam succeeded his father Solomon and had every opportunity to start fresh and lead well.  Yet at the beginning of his reign, he chose the counsel of the unwise rather than seeking the counsel of the Lord or of discerning people around him.  Join us as we consider how to choose the best counsel in our lives.

part 5: a no win situation

King Ahaz was in big trouble.  Barring a miracle, he was about to get destroyed by two neighboring armies.  Rather than trusting in God, he trusted in his political prowess.  Join us as we inspire one another to trust God even when it seems like a no-win scenario. 

part 6: hezekiah’s tunnel vision

Have you ever experienced tunnel vision?  This is where we lose the perspective of other people.  This can easily happen when we experience success and allow it to go to our heads.  How do make sure we stay humble when life is going well?  Join us to find out.