The life of David

Part 1:  "Anointed King"

David is one of the most interesting and admirable characters in the Bible.  It’s surprising to find out that before he was chosen to be king, he was a pretty ordinary guy.  Join us as we consider what God values when He chooses people.

Part 2:  "Confronted King"

The story of David and Goliath is among the most well known in the Old Testament.  A young and insignificant David stands bravely before a dreaded giant who confronts all of Israel.  Join us as we discuss where David finds courage and victory…and where we find ours.

part 3:  "merciful king"

We have been studying the life of King David. We have learned that he was an "Anointed King", and at times a king that faced confrontation. Join us this Sunday as we learn why it was so important that David was also a "Merciful King". We will learn why it’s important for us, as Christians, to be merciful as well.