pART 1:  bE jOYFUL

Normally the term “Wrecked” has a negative connotation, but we will examine how it can be a positive in Jesus.  When we face trials, consider it a joy as it helps mold and shape us. Be Joyful because Jesus is among us.  He provides for us, defeated death, and is the King of all.

Part 2:  “Weasel Sandwiches and Hanukah”

For the people in Jesus’ day, the food laws were central to their identity as God’s chosen people.  Then Jesus came along and completely wrecked their understanding of clean vs. unclean.  In this sermon, Pastor Dave unpacks the idea that Jesus was more concerned with an unclean heart than unclean foods.  Thus, we should do everything we can to clean out our hearts.    

Part 3:  For the Love of Burnt Offerings

The Old Testament contains one verse that states, “Love your neighbor.”  In contrast, there are 252 verses about burn offerings.  Yet Jesus said that loving your neighbor is the most important commandment of all.  How can this be?  Pastor Dave explains.