Under Authority

Part 1:  Why Can’t I ___?

Many regard the Christian faith as a set of strict rules to follow.  If God offers forgiveness and grace in Jesus, why can’t I live anyway that I want?  Join us as we talk about the joy of submitting to God’s authority.

Part 2:  Help Wanted

For the human body to function and flourish properly, all its many parts need to work together in a healthy way.  Likewise, the local church is a body comprised of many parts, each of which are necessary.  Join us as we discuss joyful submission within Christian community.

Part 3:  Religion and Politics

The book of Romans strongly directs Christians to submit to their government authorities.  So what do you do if you disagree with or dislike certain legislation or legislators?  Join us as we consider humble submission to the civic authorities placed over us.

Part 4:  Hope for Palestine and Israel

At the end of the book of Romans, Paul writes, “so that all nations might believe and obey him.” We recently formed a partnership with our missionaries in Palestine and Israel.  Join us as we discuss how we can get involved in bringing the hope of Jesus to the Palestinian and Jewish people.