The “I deserve it” attitude is not a great way to live, yet we can easily fall into this mindset.  What if we changed our mindset from feeling slighted, to feeling grateful?  Join us as we learn how to be grateful for what we do have rather than wishing for things we don’t have.

pART 1: Entitlement

Apply It!

Nothing good happens when we live with an attitude of entitlement.  In the case of Achan, it wrecked an entire nation.  Join us as we learn how to expose and defeat the attitude of entitlement.

pART 2: Greed

Apply It!

Prior to entering the promised land, Joshua calls the people to make a choice:  The Lord or the pagan gods?  We are also given this same choice.  Will we serve the Lord, or the god of materialism?  Join us as we learn how to slay this god and be free to serve others.