The Book of Esther is the only book of the Bible that does not mention the name of God; yet God’s working is evident throughout.  He uses broken people and impossible situations for His glory and our good.  Join us as we discover that God is always at work even though we might not see it.  Sometimes He moves behind the seen.  



Esther’s decision to spend an evening with King Xerxes is curious.  Why didn’t she refuse?  One thing is certain:  God works in mysterious ways with mysterious people to accomplish his good purposes.  In this sermon, Pastor Dave encourages us to wrestle with the complex character of Queen Esther as we praise God that no one is ever disqualified from being used for His good purposes.   

PART 2: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death


Most of us have seen the horrific images of Jewish concentration camps in Nazi Germany.  Remarkably, the complete annihilation of the Jews was planned 2500 years prior.  There was only one person who could stop it.  Esther understood that God had made her queen for such a time as this.  Has God placed you in your current position for “such a time as this?”  Pastor Dave inspires us to pursue that higher calling that God has placed on our lives. 

PART 3: Holocaust or Hallelujah?

Either the Jews were going to be annihilated or they were going to celebrate their salvation.  It is up to Queen Esther.  Or is it not?  Pastor Dave explains how God behind the seen might be more involved in outcomes than we realize.