Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions you may have about BRAC and we took some time to answer them for you!

What time is your Sunday service?

Our Sunday service times are 9:30AM and 11:00AM. We have children's programming during both services. 

How long is the service?

The service usually last about 60 minutes. It consists of a time for musical worship, announcements, testimony, and a message. 

What do you have for the children?

We have children's programming available for both the 9:30AM and the 11:00AM services. This includes all children up to 5th grade. 

What do I have to wear?

Come as you are! On any given Sunday, you'll see a mix of casual clothes to business casual. However you see fit to come, we'd be glad to see you join us!

Is there coffee at the church?

Glad you asked! We serve various types of coffees and teas in our lobby before you enter into the worship center. 

How big is the church?

Currently we are seeing ~400 in person between both our 9:30 and 11:00 service. We are seeing another ~100-150 online regularly on our livestream.