A story for the ages. A mighty empire. A nation enslaved. A miraculous rescue. A new beginning. Join us as we examine Israel’s exodus from Egypt and how these events continue to impact our lives today.

Part 1: Moses' calling

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Moses was one of the greatest leaders in Biblical history. Yet, he had one “fatal flaw.” Join us as Pastor Dave describes Moses’ unlikely journey of being called to free a nation from 400 years of Egyptian slavery.

Part 2: the jethro way

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Once again, Moses messes up by taking on too many responsibilities. Fortunately, he displays humility by heeding the wisdom of his father-in-law to delegate his duties as judge.  Join us as Pastor Dave talks about The Jethro Way and the art of delegation.

Part 3: The Exodus from the Law


Moses gave the Israelites precise and detailed laws.  The laws were good, but the Israelites mostly failed at it.  Then Jesus came along and raised the bar on the Mosaic Law.  But after His death and resurrection, everything changed.  Join us as Pastor Dave describes the new way in which we are to approach the Mosaic Law.