“Meaningless!  Meaningless!  Everything is meaningless!”  These are the beginning words of Ecclesiastes, and the tone remains generally negative throughout the rest of the book.  Ultimately, we learn that life can be very empty and unsatisfying.  Join us as we discover how to find true meaning and satisfaction in life.

Part 1: My Pleasure

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Oftentimes we think, “If I only had a little more _______, my life would be great.”  King Solomon was able to test this theory beyond the hypothetical.  Imagine if you had the resources and power to enjoy literally any pleasure in this world without limits; this was the reality of Solomon.  Join us as we discuss the pursuit of pleasure and the accompanying lack of true contentment.

Part 2: What Season is It?

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In what is maybe the most famous section of this book, we look at life through the lens of various seasons.  Childhood, college, single, newlywed, parent, empty-nester; each brings about unique challenges and joys.  Join us as we discuss how to learn what God has for us as we walk through the many different seasons of life.