Covid-19 Guidelines

Church Family,
Since the COVID-19 pandemic came upon us in March 2020, our church leadership has worked diligently to establish protocols and guidelines that promote safety on our church campus. Our congregation has really stepped up to provide a clean and safe environment for adults, teenagers, and children.  Many people in our church have experienced suffering as they and/or their loved ones were hit hard with the virus.  I am proud of the folks who have loved them well.
In response to the recent guidelines that have been released by New York State, as well as prayerful discussion, moving forward each individual and family can make their own decisions regarding masks and social distancing. This applies to everyone, including children and all volunteers and for all church activities. We trust you to make the wise decision.
As a reminder our 11:00 service is less attended than the 9:30 service and offers more opportunities for social distancing.  Also, we are offering a socially distanced seating section inside the worship center.
If you have any further questions regarding these decisions, please contact me by e-mail (  I hope to see you on Sunday as we continue to help each other take our next steps towards Jesus.
Pastor Dave Bretch