christmas: more than a story

Everybody loves the Christmas story.  We enjoy the manger scenes, advent calendars, and Christmas carols.  But has this familiar story lost its wonder for you?  Join us this Christmas season as we unpack this ancient story in hopes of learning something new.  And who knows, maybe the wonder of Christmas will return to you!

Part1: jesus, savior

The angel told Joseph that Jesus will “save his people from their sins.”  This message is at the core of Christmas.  But do we understand what being saved from our sins really means?  Join us as we discover the power of this truth together.

part2: christmas doubt

The Angel Gabriel visited Jerusalem and told Zechariah that he would have a child in his old age.  Zechariah doubted.  Then Gabriel went to Nazareth and told the virgin Mary that she would have a child.  She believed.  Two unbelievable messages and yet two very different responses.  Join us as delve into the topic of doubt and belief. 

part3: my eyes have seen your salvation

An untimely census.  An inconvenient birthplace.  A strange set of visitors.  An angelic choir.  These are the circumstances surrounding the night when God became flesh.  Join us for a reflection on this night of light, wonder, and worship.