Book of Isaiah

The New Testament authors quoted Isaiah more than twice as much as any other Old Testament prophet.  Join us for a series that unpacks major New Testament events that Isaiah predicted 700 years before they happened.

pART 1: God’s Glory

In this sermon, Pastor Dave describes the experiences of 3 different men who experienced God's glory.  Many of us hope to catch a glimpse of the glory of God.  Let's pray that God would show us his glory!

Part 2: the quest for peace

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Most of us would like more peace in our lives.  However, the solution for more peace usually involves doing something we don’t want to do.  Join us as we discover how to get more peace.    

part 3: Prepare Yourself

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Isaiah encouraged the exiled Israelites to prepare their hearts for God’s blessings.  Seven hundred years later, John the Baptist would fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy as he prepared Israel for the coming of their Messiah.  Join us as we discover the power of preparation and its relation to Christian baptism.  

part 4: My favorite old testament prophecy

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The 53rd chapter of Isaiah is probably his most famous prophecy.  The details of Christ’s crucifixion that Isaiah provides are truly extraordinary.  Join us as we unpack one of the most important passages in the entire Old Testament.  

part 5: Good News

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One day, during synagogue worship, Jesus got up to read from Isaiah 61.  Then he did something shocking: He claimed to be the fulfillment of it.  He claimed to be good news for everyone who felt like every day was filled with bad news.  Pastor Dave explains why Jesus is good news for everyone.