The aim of the author of Hebrews is to present Jesus as better than any other person or system.  Join us for this five-part sermon series as we study the sufficiency and superiority of Christ. 


Moses led the Israelites out of 430 years of Egyptian slavery.  He gave them the law and the means by which their sins would be atoned.  He was the greatest man in the history of Israel…until Jesus.  Pastor Dave explains.   

part 2: a Crisis of faith

Israel’s high priest served as the mediator between the people and God.  He offered gifts and sacrifices for sins.  He possessed the most sacred role in Israel…until Jesus.  Pastor Dave explains. 

part 3: jesus’ new covenant is greater than the old

The old covenant provided Israel with an instruction manual of how to worship God and how to treat one another.  The old covenant was good…until Jesus replaced it.  Pastor De’Andre describes the superiority of the new covenant over the old.    

part 4: jesus’ sacrifice is the greatest

The costly sacrifice of an innocent animal’s life meant one thing: sin is serious! This was a good system. The cross of Christ introduced a new system that sealed the deal once and for all. It became a better deal. Pastor De’Andre explains.

part 5: meeting together is better

Since Jesus is amazing, let us draw near to him. Drawing near to God involves more than Bible reading and prayer. For us to experience more of Christ, we must live in Christian community. Pastor Dave explains.