Series: Which Way Do I Go?

Making Wiser Decisions & Living with Fewer Regrets

All of us have been faced with difficult decisions. Should I go to college or trade school? Should I accept the job offer? Should I marry him? Where should I send my child to school? We have all struggled with paralysis of analysis. The good news is that you’re not alone. God wants to help us make good decisions. Join us as we learn a four step process that will help us make better decisions and live with fewer regrets.

Easy and Hard at the Same Time

Is it possible that your struggle in making a decision has more to do with a lack of courage than a lack of clarity? Perhaps you know what you need to do but you lack the courage to actually do it. Join us as we inspire and encourage one another to do the right thing […]



Once we have made up our minds, we convince ourselves this third step is unnecessary. But most big decisions should not skip this step. Join us as we discuss the importance of this third step in order to make wise decisions and avoid future regret.


One Very Important Question

We are pretty good at convincing ourselves that our decision is the right one. We have become experts at rationalizing certain decisions. Asking yourself this one question can safeguard you from making a decision that might lead to future regret. Join us as we unpack this very important question that needs to be asked before […]


The Request Go Loves to Hear

Dave begins a new series on how to make big decisions according to God – the first of which is to pray for wisdom as King Solomon did in the Old Testament.