Series: Trickle Down Deceit

The “First Family” of Israel had issues: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s sons all had problems with lying & deceit. Deceit breaks relationships, it breaks families, and it breaks the heart of God. Lying always hurts other people; thus, it has a “trickle down” effect.

“The Lion of Judah”

January 28: “The Lion of Judah” Judah was a man who did some messed-up things.  But then something shifted in him.  The Bible doesn’t say what changed his heart.  Perhaps it was love for his father; perhaps he learned his lesson.  But the last act we know of Judah’s life is that he was willing […]


“Reuben’s Story”

January 21: “Reuben’s Story” We continue to follow this dysfunctional family of Israel.  Reuben made poor decisions, one after the other.  He had a chance to be honest and make things right, but he caved under the pressure.  At the end of the story, all the brothers are redeemed.  They seemed to have learned their […]


A Culture of Deceit

January 14: “A Culture of Deceit” Join us in part 1 as Pastor Dave looks at the “First Family” of Israel, God’s chosen people, and discusses the importance of breaking the chain of deceit.