Series: The Prophets

Imagine the life of an Old Testament Prophet: God summons you to tell Israel, “‘Repent! Turn from your idols and renounce all your detestable practices!’ These prophets endured criticism and persecution. Their results were minimal, but their faithfulness was radical. Join us as we study God’s Word from these unsung heroes of the Bible.

Part 6: “It’s About to Get Quiet”

Malachi is the final prophetic word from God to His people in the Old Testament. What would you say to your children if you wouldn’t be speaking to them for a time? God provides counsel, reprimand and instruction, but not before reminding them of the most important thing. Join us as we discuss God’s final […]


Part 5: “Beyond the Whale”

November 20: “Beyond the Whale” (Jonah 4) The prophet Jonah is well-known for his time inside the belly of a giant fish. But the rest of Jonah’s story is mostly unfamiliar. While reluctantly on mission to a foreign nation, Jonah learns about the depth of God’s compassion for others…and for Jonah. Join us as we […]


Part 4: “How to Respond to a Locust Plague”

November 13: “How to Respond to a Locust Plague” (Joel) In the same way that locusts destroy land, sin always has destructive consequences. Join us as we discuss the judgment of God, the patience of God, and His extraordinary grace.


Part 3: “The Problem with Success”

November 6: “The Problem with Success” (Obadiah) Have you allowed success to come between you and God? The book of Obadiah was written about Edom, a successful yet prideful nation. Join us as we learn how to deal humbly with success while avoiding the pitfalls of pride.


Part 2: “How to Stay Married to an Adulterous Spouse”

October 30: “How to Stay Married to an Adulterous Spouse” (Hosea) In one of God’s strangest requests recorded in Scripture, Hosea is asked to marry a woman who will prove to be unfaithful to him. Yet he shall love her anyway. Hosea’s marriage to Gomer will illustrate Israel’s relationship with God. Join us as we […]


Part 1 “What Does God Expect From Me?”

October 23: “What Does God Expect from Me?” (Micah 6) If God gave you a job description, what do you think it would include? In Micah’s prophesy to Israel, God gives Israel a job description. Join us as we learn about the three big things God expects from us.