Series: The Elijah Chronicles

The prophet Elijah had some phenomenal life experiences. Very few people have ever experienced the miraculous power of God more than Elijah. The Elijah Chronicles will cover the three main chapters of Elijah’s adventures with God and His people. Together, we will learn how to increase our trust in God as we study the life of this great prophet.

A Whisper From God

Upon God’s spectacular victory on Mount Carmel, Elijah, in fear for his life, ran from his enemies. Elijah desperately needed to hear from God. Do you want to hear from God? This week we will discuss how to listen to God when he speaks in the form of a whisper. Sep 1 – 1 Kings […]


Part 2: Showdown at Mount Carmel

Frustrated by Israel’s worship of the pagan god, Baal, Elijah challenged the 450 prophets of Baal to a showdown with Yahweh. In one of the most amazing scenes in the Bible, God let his power be made known. This week we will discuss the truth that God has proven himself to be worthy of all […]


Part 1: A Handful of Flour and a Little Oil

In 1 Kings 17, we are introduced to Elijah. After confronting King Ahab with news of an impending drought, Elijah goes into hiding. When Elijah runs out of food and water, his life falls into the hands of a poor widow who has nothing but a handful of flour and a little oil. This week […]