Series: Testing Jesus

Jesus encountered opposition from others who wanted to undermine his authority. They tested Him by presenting Him with a challenge, hoping that he would fail. In their minds, it was impossible for Jesus to “pass their test.” As we will see in the next four weeks, Jesus passed their tests with flying colors. Thus, Jesus provides insight that will help us pass our own tests in four areas: temptation, unbelief, prejudice, and politics.

Part 4: Unnecessary Burdens

Nov 11 “Unnecessary Burdens” Acts 15:1-35 Certain Pharisees who had been converted to Christianity taught that any Gentile who wanted to follow Jesus must be circumcised and required to obey the Law of Moses. These Pharisees had “Tested God” by adding unnecessary burdens to the Gentiles. The apostles and elders met in Jerusalem to consider […]


Part 4: God and Politics

Nov 4 “God and politics” Matthew 22:15-22 Certain people asked Jesus if it was necessary to pay taxes to Caesar. This was their attempt to trap Jesus and get him in trouble with either the Roman government or the Jewish people, depending on his response. Jesus’ response to this question tells us much about how […]


Part 3: An Unlikely Candidate

Oct 28 “An Unlikely Candidate” Luke 10.25-37 This Pharisee thought he was justified because, in his mind, he had kept the Law. The last person this Pharisee would have expected to help the victim was a Samaritan. Jesus’ story about the Samaritan cuts to the heart of the Jews’ racial prejudice. In this story, Jesus […]


Part 2: Show Me a Sign!

Oct 21 “Show Me a Sign” Matthew 16:1-12 The Pharisees tested Jesus by asking for a sign to prove that He is from God. Jesus’ response reveals his insight concerning unbelief. What will it take to convince you or others that Jesus is indeed the Son of God? What are those obstacles that are standing […]


Part 1: Prove it!

Oct 14 “Prove it!” Matthew 4:5-7 Jesus was able to say No to Satan’s first challenge to turn stones into bread. He trusted that His Father had something better for him if He simply waited. In this second temptation, Satan essentially asks Jesus to test God’s trustworthiness by jumping off a mountain to see if […]