Series: Searching for Peace

Do you have difficulty finding peace? Do you feel restless in your relationship with God? Do your high expectations of yourself and others keep you on edge constantly? Is it possible that we lack peace because we are looking for peace in all the wrong places? Join us as we search for the truths that lead to true peace. And perhaps you will find the peace that you have been searching for all along.

Searching for Peace with Myself

Do you have a hard time being at peace with yourself? Do you feel like you are rarely satisfied with your life? Perhaps your lack of peace comes from an unhealthy discontent with yourself. Join us as we discover this one powerful truth that can give you the inner peace you are searching for.


Searching for Peace with My Family

In one of his most shocking sayings, Jesus said that he came to divide families. You won’t find this not-so-warm and fuzzy Bible verse on many Christmas cards these days. Join us as we learn how to find peace in the midst of tricky family dynamics.


Searching for Peace with God

Do you have peace with God? Join us as we examine our actions that lead to a lack of peace with God. Once we identify and deal with those issues, it frees us up to do the one thing that will create peace in our relationship with God. I John