Series: Relentless Grace: Lessons from the Life of Jacob

Jacob is one of the most difficult characters to understand in the Bible. Sometimes, he seems deceitful and conniving. At other times, he appears faithful in the pursuit of God. In the end, despite his many shortcomings, he experiences the favor and blessing of God. Join us as we consider our own shortcomings and the power of God’s relentless grace.


In the middle of some very trying personal circumstances, Jacob has an incredible encounter with God. This encounter moves him so powerfully that his identity will be forever changed. Join us as we consider how a real encounter with the living God changes everything about us.


The Trickster Gets Tricked

Jacob knows that he must flee from the anger of his older brother, so he begins a journey to the land of his ancestors. On the way, he has a powerful vision of God and commits himself to the Lord. Not long after this commitment, Jacob finds himself on the other end of some family […]



The beginning of Jacob’s story is filled with deception. In fact, Jacob’s name itself conveys the image of trickery and supplanting others. In this story, Jacob will maneuver his way into receiving a blessing from his father Isaac. Join as we consider how God blesses even the most undeserving people with His amazing grace.