Series: Puzzle Pieces

The events of our lives can be puzzling. Sometimes it is hard to see how God could be working for our good throughout the ordinary or extraordinary events of life. The story of Joseph illustrates how a series of seemingly twisted and negative events can come together for good. Join us over the next four weeks as we consider how God might be assembling the puzzle pieces of our lives through a study of the life of Joseph.


As the difficult, challenging, or unfair events of life begin to add up, we can start to believe that God is absent. But with God, silence is not absence. Many times, God is working for our good the most in the middle of trying circumstances, as was the case for Joseph. Join us as we […]



When we find success in life, can we assume that this is the ultimate good that God is putting together? It appears that Joseph finally catches a break in the story as he is elevated from prisoner to second in command of all of Egypt. But is this type of success truly good? Join us […]



The temptation of sin is powerful in this world. Joseph found himself faced with the pressure of sexual temptation and was forced to make a decision, knowing that consequences would follow. Join us as we consider the resources God provides for us in order to stand firm in the middle of powerful temptations in life. […]



Sometimes trouble finds us in life, whether we’ve earned it or not. As we meet Joseph, he seems to be an extremely obedient son with nearly flawless character. Despite these traits, Joseph ends up in a bad situation that was brought on by the envy of others. Join us as we explore what to do […]