Series: Promise: The Life of Abraham

(August 20 – September 3, 2017)
The story of Abraham is integral to the Christian faith. He lived his life in the gap between promise and reality. His example demonstrates an enduring trust in God that is very helpful to us as we wait on His promises in our lives. Join us as we consider three stories from this life of great faith.

Faith Put to the Test

September 3:  “Faith Put to the Test”  (Genesis 22) This story demonstrates that God makes good on His promises.  Late in life, Abraham will finally receive his long-awaited son, Isaac.  But not long after this, God will put Abraham’s faith to the ultimate test.  Join us as we consider the cost of discipleship and the […]


God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?

August 27:  “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?”  (Genesis 16) Sometimes the gap between a promise and its fulfillment feels enormous.  As Abraham waited on the Lord, he decided to help Him out through some of his own plans and the results were very damaging.  Join us as we discuss how to faithfully live in […]


Unbelievable Promises

August 20:  “Unbelievable Promises”  (Genesis 12) Abraham’s story begins with God’s calling on his life.  In His grace, God will offer amazing promises to be fulfilled in and through Abraham.  These promises are so big and bold that they are hard to even imagine coming true.  Join us as we discover how Abraham’s story helps […]