Series: Lost

Nobody gets lost on purpose. At what point do we actually become lost? And who understands the destination well enough to point out who is lost? And what if the people who acknowledge that they are lost are actually the ones closest to being found? Sound confusing? Join us for this sermon series as together we unpack what it means to be lost.

The Lost Disciple

Is it possible to be chosen as one of Jesus’ twelve, witness his miracles, listen to his teachings, and yet still be lost? The answer is yes. Join us as we study this disciple’s life and how he was lost despite spending so much time with Jesus. March 29 – “The Lost Disciple” John 17:12


Jesus and the Lost Dog

Jesus meets a woman who desperately wants her daughter to be free from Satan’s grip. Yet Jesus appears to be aloof to her needs. However, this woman does not give up. Jesus then says to her, “Woman, you have great faith!” Join us as we learn what it means to have great faith. March 22 […]


Lost and Religious

The parable of the lost son is actually a story about two lost sons. Both of the sons were lost but in very different ways. Is it possible to be lost while maintaining a rigorous religiosity? Join us as we examine what it means to be lost when you think you have been found. March […]


Lost and Lovin’ It… then Hating It

Jesus continues his storytelling to illustrate an important truth about the lost. In this story, the lost son has done the unthinkable. Forgiveness is not an option. Or is it? Join us as we get a glimpse of Jesus’ heart for those who have messed up big time. Luke 15: 11-24


Lost Yet Loved

In this scene, Jesus’ audience consists of two groups of people. One group thinks they are found while the other knows they are lost. Jesus tells a story that illustrates God’s love for lost people. But who exactly are the lost people to whom Jesus is referring? Join us as we find out. March 1 […]