Series: Home Wreckers

Wrecking balls have the capacity to tear down a home in a matter of minutes. These wrecking balls come in the form of selfishness, conflict, over-crowded schedules, media saturation, and materialism. For the next five weeks, we will discuss ways to guard our homes against these threats facing our families.

Part 5: Avoiding Comparisons

Perhaps one of the greatest home wreckers facing families today is that of comparison. We spend too much time thinking about what others think of us. In order to win the approval of others, sometimes we fall into a trap that leaves us feeling empty inside. God wants to grant us all a peaceful and […]


Part 4: Mind Over Media

We live in a media-saturated world. Sometimes media can be helpful; media can also be harmful to our thought life. As followers of Christ, what are some practical steps we can take to make sure that media is not negatively impacting our thought lives? How can we tell when our minds are being controlled by […]


Part 3: Tired?

Most families know the feelings of being overscheduled, overworked, and stressed out. One day can be filled with kids’ activities, meetings to attend, and a home to take care of. The pace of life seems overwhelming at times. This week we will discuss practical steps we can take to clear out the clutter from our […]


Part 2: My Way or the Highway

Most families have conflict. Some families are exhausted as a result of constant conflict in the home. What causes conflict? James, the brother of Jesus, states that it is quite simple. This week we will discuss the reasons for conflict and what we can do to create a more peaceful environment in the home. Scripture […]


Part 1: Yahweh or the Highway

Life can get difficult in the home. There are all kinds of influences that have the potential to wreck a home. The fundamental question that all family members need to ask themselves is, “Who am I serving?” Am I serving my friends, my own self-interests, or someone else? We are all serving somebody; It is […]