Series: Heaven

What will heaven be like and what will we be doing all day? Will it be exciting and adventuresome or will we be sitting on a cloud all day while playing a harp? What can I do now to prepare for eternity? The reality of heaven contains mysteries for sure; however, some of our questions about heaven can be answered. During this four-part series we will discover that the Bible has quite a bit to say about heaven; perhaps more than you think. It’s time to discover the awesome aspects of our eternal home.

Part 4: Heavenly Minded

Those who have faith in Jesus Christ will ultimately spend an eternity with Him in the new Jerusalem. What can we do here on earth to prepare for eternity? Did you know that we can attain rewards in heaven according to our earthly works? This week we will discuss the truth that our earthly actions […]


Part 3: Earth Becomes Heaven

When Jesus returns and “makes all things new,” heaven and earth will converge and become one city. What will we be doing in this “new Jerusalem?” Will it be a city full of adventure and new opportunities? This week we will explore these questions and more as we look forward to our final destination, the […]


Part 2: Heaven Meets Earth

Jesus’ return could come at any time. Should we be looking for signs that his return is near? What will happen when he returns? This week we will explore the events surrounding the return of our King who is coming to “make all things new.” Matthew 24-25


Part 1: The Temporary Heaven

We all have questions concerning what heaven is like and what its inhabitants are doing there. The Bible answers more of these questions than we might think. Join us this week as we learn about this glorious paradise that God has prepared for those who are in Christ Jesus! Philippians 1:21-24, 2 Corinthians 5;6-9, Luke […]