Series: From Disappointment to Hope: Stories from Exodus

(May 21 – June 4, 2017)
The book of Exodus is full of dramatic moments. It is the story of slavery and liberation; sacrifice and mission. But it isn’t simply an inspiring tale of the past…it is our story, which ultimately points us to the beauty of Christ. Join us as we consider the themes of disappointment and hope found in the book of Exodus.

A False Picture of God

June 4th – “A False Picture of God”            Scripture: Exodus 32-34 We all have to be honest in saying that when waiting for God to do something, during circumstances and or difficult situations, we become impatient and unfaithful to God. That is what lead the Israelites into their choices of idolatry. Join us as […]


A Picture of Hope

May 28 – “A Picture of Hope”                     Scripture: Exodus 13-14 Sometimes very difficult situations give way to the most beautiful outcomes.  When things looked bad for the Israelites in Egypt, God delivered on an incredible rescue into a new life of freedom.  Join us as we discuss the many ways that our God is […]


A Picture of Disappointment

May 21 – “A Picture of Disappointment”  (Exodus 5) Have you ever caught a glimmer of promise or hope for a better future? What happens when things actually get harder or worse? The enslaved Israelites had experienced the promise of freedom only to see their circumstances get worse. Join us as we consider our sometimes […]