Series: Exodus

(March 11 – 25, 2018)

A story for the ages. A mighty empire. A nation enslaved. A miraculous rescue. A new beginning. Join us as we examine Israel’s exodus from Egypt and how these events continue to impact our lives today.

The Jethro Way

March 18:      “The Jethro Way”   (Exodus 18) Once again, Moses messes up by taking on too many responsibilities. Fortunately, he displays humility by heeding the wisdom of his father-in-law to delegate his duties as judge.  Join us as Pastor Dave talks about The Jethro Way and the art of delegation.


Moses’ Calling

March 11:      “Moses’ Calling” Moses was one of the greatest leaders in Biblical history.  Yet, he had one “fatal flaw.”  Join us as Pastor Dave describes Moses’ unlikely journey of being called to free a nation from 400 years of Egyptian slavery.