Series: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Most of us can relate to worrying about things such as finances, kids, career, friendships, and health. Jesus told us not to worry. He said things like, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” and “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” Are these words “pie in the sky” or can they actually become a reality for us? Join us for 3 weeks as we learn how to overcome worry.

Two Surefire Ways to Stunt Your Growth

Most of us have a desire to grow spiritually. We read Bible verses and listen to sermons hoping to be inspired to grow. But sometimes we fail to apply that which we have learned. Jesus talked about two factors that have the potential to stunt our spiritual growth. Join us for the final message in […]


Unmet Expectations

One of the reasons we have a difficult time overcoming worry is because of our unmet expectations of other people. Are you depending on someone else to make your life more peaceful? Is that person currently letting you down? If so, join us as we discover an important truth that might help you to defeat […]


Don’t Borrow from Tomorrow

Jesus tells us not to worry about our life. Sounds simple. But it’s hard to do. Join us as we talk about how to focus on today without borrowing from tomorrow.