Series: Doctor’s Report: The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel writer Luke was a physician by trade. It is perhaps from this training and experience that he was led to write such comprehensive and meticulous books about the ministry of Christ and the early church. Join us over the next four weeks as we explore details from the Doctor’s Report.

A Fatal Disease

February 25 – “A Fatal Disease” (Luke 19) As Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem, he encountered a sick man who desperately wanted to catch a glimpse of The Miracle Worker.  This man caught more than a glimpse; He spent the day with Jesus, who would heal him from the inside out.  Join us […]


The Thing About Religion…

February 18 – “The Thing About Religion…” (Luke 11) Jesus faced many opponents during His earthly ministry.  In chapter 11, Luke records an interesting interaction between Jesus and the most religious people of His day.  It results in Jesus pronouncing “Woes” over those who trust in their own righteous works. Join us as we discuss […]


Jesus is for the Afflicted

February 11 – “Jesus is for the Afflicted” (Luke 8) Luke records many instances of the healing power of Jesus.  In chapter 8, Luke highlights the miraculous degree of these healings.  Throughout each instance, we see Jesus’ heart for those who are physically hurting.  Join us as we discuss how Jesus stands with us in […]


The Same Old Tricks

February 4 – “The Same Old Tricks” (Luke 4) In this account, Luke records the story of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by the devil.  As we will see, we have a cunning enemy who twists and turns good things and biblical words into sinful traps and snares.  Join us as we consider the […]