Series: Discerning the Voice of God

God speaks to his followers. That much is clear. At times it can be unclear when we try to discern whether it is God’s voice speaking or some other voice. In this five part series, we will take a look at the instruments God uses to enable us to discern His voice and direction in our daily lives. Are you ready to hear what God has to say to you?

Part 5: What if I Missed God’s Voice?

Perhaps you are in a difficult place in life and wondering if you missed out on God’s plan? What if God told you to go left and you went right? What if you missed out on God’s “best” for your life? Join us as we discover an important truth about God’s character that will help […]


Part 4: The Final Word

God uses many different forms of communication to get His Word across; however, there is one sure-fire way to hear directly, unmistakably, and clearly from Him. Join us as we discover God’s primary method of communication. This method is always the final word on the subject of discerning the voice of God. October 6 – […]


Part 3: Work

Most of us want a job that brings satisfaction to our lives. What should we do when we are dissatisfied with our current experience and uncertain how to move forward? Join us as we discover a principle that will enable us to honor God while we wait for His perfect timing. September 29 – Work, […]


Part 2: Sacred Pathways

Do you have a difficult time hearing from God? Just as people have different personalities and combinations of gifts, so they have many different ways of connecting with God. Drawing from principles in Gary Thomas’ book, Sacred Pathways, we will discuss the importance of finding our own “sacred pathway” in order to hear from God. […]


Part 1: The Church

God has blessed the church with many different gifts, abilities, and experiences. Join us as we discuss the importance of listening to the wealth of wisdom and experience that is present among God’s people, the church. September 8 – The Church, Hebrews 10:25