Series: Christmas Changes Everything

Luke’s Account

In his account of the Christmas story, Luke claimed that “a savior has been born to you.” How is this event that occurred in a tiny village 2,000 years ago relevant to our lives? Join us as we unpack the meaning behind the word “Savior” and discover our desperate need for Christmas.


John’s Account

The Apostle John took care of Jesus’ mother Mary after Jesus departed for heaven. It is likely that John heard Mary recite the nativity story. However, John chose not to include her account in his gospel. Why? Perhaps John had a different agenda. Join us as we discuss the main purpose of John’s gospel and […]


Matthew’s Account

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Perhaps this was the mantra that led Matthew to work for the Romans and collect taxes that supported their pagan regime. Then Matthew walked with Jesus and everything changed for him. Join us as we study Matthew’s account and learn the true meaning of Christmas.