Series: Choose Joy

Choose Joy

All of us have reasons to be joyful, yet it is easy to allow stress, guilt, and self-centeredness to steal our joy. How do we cultivate a life of joy that is independent of our circumstances? Join us as we learn to choose joy this Christmas season

The Killjoy of Worry

Nobody needs to teach me how to be selfish. It comes naturally. But Jesus called us to a different kind of life. Join us as we learn from our Master the true secret to joyful living. December 21 – The Killjoy of Worry – Philippians 4


Christmas Guilt

β€˜Tis the season for guilt. Some of us buy gifts, host parties, and send Christmas cards out of guilt. Guilt is one of the top joy killers of all time. How many of your actions are motivated by guilt rather than gratitude? Join us as we learn how to kill our guilt rather than our […]


Turning Stress into Joy

Is it possible that the stress you are experiencing could actually increase your joy? Join us as we examine a counter-intuitive biblical principle that might give you a new perspective on your stress. December 7 – Turning Stress Into Joy – James 1:1-12