Series: Ancient – Future Church

The church of Jesus Christ grew to become the dominant religious force in the western world in a few centuries. Over the course of its 2,000 year history, the church has experienced its fair share of struggles, yet it continues to provide the only source of hope for mankind. Join us as we study our past in order to equip us for the future.

Great Movements of the Last 100 Years

There have been some remarkable individuals and churches in the last century whose influence has impacted Christianity worldwide: The Azusa Street revival, the Chinese house church movement, Billy Graham, and Hillsong to name just a few. Join us as we conclude this series and receive inspiration from those who have gone before us.


Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

In the 16th century, the leadership of the church had become significantly corrupt. Church leaders were selling indulgences to fund the construction of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Many people bought into this lie that they could purchase their loved ones out of purgatory. God raised up a man named Martin Luther to challenge the […]


Medieval Christianity

This period of history, known as the Middle Ages, has more ups and downs than a daytime soap opera. On one hand, many of our greatest traditions, architecture, authors and Christian doctrines come from this era. On the other hand, the church was also detrimentally engaged in politics, corruption, and war. Join us as we […]


Constantine and the Rise of Christianity

Constantine may have been one of the most influential persons in the history of Christianity. His acknowledgement of Christ for a key military victory gave Christians new freedoms and opportunities. Join us as we discover life lessons from Constantine’s extraordinary impact upon Christianity.


Persecution and The Apostle’s Creed

Make no mistake, the early church experienced significant hurdles throughout its first 300 years. Yet the more struggles they endured, the faster its movement grew. Join us as we receive inspiration from the various challenges the early church endured.